wellness@port in the heart of Port Douglas

Welcome to our luxurious and affordable Wellness Day Spa at 32 Macrossan Street, Port Douglas.

Centrally located on Macrossan Street all therapists at wellness@port are fully qualified and offer a wide range of day spa treatments. From remedial massage to hydrotherapy, rejuvenating facials to aroma massages, body wraps and our walk in steam room - you will be amazed.

Start your holiday or stay with a sense of greater well-being and total relaxation. Why not share this wonderful treat and enjoy it together with your partner in our spacious couples treatment room. Our range of treatments are designed to relax, detoxify and nourish the body, mind and soul.


What our clients say about us


"Amazing !!! I feel like I'm floating on a cloud. Beautiful experience. Will recommend to all my friends. - Nisreen 11/2015


"Great Service, lovely venue, extremely relaxing, excellent.  - Stephen H., 11/2015


"Extremely professional, friendly, informative, highly recommended. Facial was outstanding. - Anne M. 11/2015


 "Amazing job. So friendly & professional. Done wonders on my back. - Gemma U., 10/2015


"This is my third visit and I have enjoyed each visit. All very, very good." - Maureen W., 10/2015


"Had a deep tissue massage. Was so good! Candles and tea at the end is a lovely touch." - Lesley O., 10/2015


"My therapist was lovely. I was so relaxed. Absolutely perfect - would not change a thing. " - Amanda W., 10/2015


 "Attention to detail was superb." - Carmel D D., 09/2015


"Lovely combination of firm hands for massage and soft hands for facial." - Janny D., 09/2015


"I've tried other spas in PD but my experience here is by far & away the best I've had. " - Evan., 08/2015


"Truly amazing and professional; she really knows & understands how to treat all the muscles." - Pamela G., 08/2015


"Excellent. Congrats on a wonderful experience you have made for me!" - Tracey C., 08/2015


"Absolutely wonderful. Couldn't recommedn highly enough." - Claire R., 08/2015


"Wanted to stay till Xmas. Excellent. Just Perfect: Right touch, faultless. Sincere thanks." - Peter C., 07/2015


"Gentle sweet and well trained therapist." - Jeanette D., 07/2015


"Best massage I've ever had. My therapist dealt brilliantly with my injuries!. I want to come back."- Mary T., 07/2015


"Very professional. Made the experience magical." - Rhys K., 07/2015


 "Very good staff & very good ambience; it's easy to relax here." - Marie T., 06/2015


"Absolutely beautiful prenatal  massage. Never wanted it to end." - Elouise W., 06/2015


"Booking again! The relaxation room with tea & water is an amazing experience - giving you time to refresh afterwards." - Renee C., 06/2015


"Incredible spa experience - best yet in Australia." - Jamiee W., 05/2015


"A beautiful wholeness of spirit. Gave me just what I needed. I appreciate the professional attitude & surrroundings." - Jacqui J., 05/2015


"All the girls were great. Had a great day thanks to all of you." - Fiona., 05/2015


"A very gentle yet firm touch - beautiful friendly service." - Deborah S., 04/2015


"Was excellent in  every way. Would highly recommend." - Bruna P, 04/2015


"Excellent! Exactly what I was after." - Hayden G., 04/2015


"Just wonderful, everything from comfort, pressure and professionalism was sensational.  Kristin B., 03/2015


"Fantastic. Outstanding." - Elisabeth 3/2015


"Beautiful environment; fragrances, temperature and attention to detail." - Visnja, 2/2015


"Wonderful experience. The fact I was pregnant was accommodated without an issue." - Angela A. 2/2015


"Never have I experienced anything like this. Bliss! - Sara M., 12/2014


"I would travel back here just for a treatment at wellness@port." - T.de Wit, 12/2014


"Very attentive, very relaxed, made to feel welcome. Perfect venue. - John C., 12/2014


"Extremely pleasant & comforting." - Allan R., 11/2014


"Devine treatment. Highly recommended." - Sue S., 11/2014


"Best treatment I've ever had. Thank you for accommodating my allergy requirements."                 Glynis R., 11/2014


"Therapist was awesome. I felt pampered. This experience was the best EVER. - Eron D., 09/2014


"Professional, friendly, attentive. Relaxing + beneficial massage + skin treatment. Lovely all round experience."  - Prof. Rob C., 09/2014


"Excellent experience. Exceeded my expectation.      - Rebecca T. 09/2014


"Absolutely fabulous - beautiful touch . It felt like a rhythmic dance. First class."  - Rachel, 07/2014


"Excellent technique, professional  & personal service. Wonderful business." - Jacky D., 07/2014


"Great attention to detail, very friendly. I can't believe how fast times flies by when you are totally relaxed."      - Daniela B., 07/2014


"Heavenly touch." Rose T., 06/2014


"Best spa treatment I've had in ages" Gemma M., 06/2014


"So strong! Great massage to start getting rid of  tensions built up over many years." Tony G., 06/2014


"Found my therapist to be very attentive, caring and professional, intuitive. The service and attention was lovely."         - Glenda F., 05/2014


 "Exquisite service, both massage & facial were exceptional"  - Renee O., 05/2014


 "Extremely professional, friendly. Excellent masseuse. Very helpful receptionist. Thanks to everyone"             - Sandra J., 05/2014


"Fantastic massage. Died & went to heaven. Thank you."  - Rosie, 04/2014


 "Best therapist I've had after many years of going to spas. The whole experience was amazing. Thank you."  - Julianne, 04/2014


"Brilliant. Well and above expectations"  - Allyson B., 03/2014


"She fixed me! I came in broken & left almost normal again."  - Holy, 03/2014


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